Saturday, February 17, 2018

Block of the Month - February 2018

  Happy February!  While this is a 'bit' late for Valentine's Day, because I just launched my new blog site I wanted to get this months Block of the Month out for all to view.  This month's block has a special meaning for me (as do all my designs).  My hubby is a fantastic guy...but he isn't James Bond when it comes to romance.  I'm the luckiest gal in the world because there are a new fresh bouquet of roses every few weeks next to my bed.  So this Valentines Day when we exchanged our Valentines, he gave me a lovely card and I gave him the heart shaped chocolate box!  So this month's block of the month is my fun reminder of this years gifting.  So hearts and bows are the ticket when describing this pattern.

I love hearts but in this design I added a little different touch with a real ribbon and bow versus making a stitched one in the design.  I love when a design has depth and adding the ribbon gives a 3D feel to the design.  I will be finished with the stitched design shortly and I will post the finished design.  To view the design please visit my KeenStitches website and look for Block of the Month

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